Greetings from all the Masons in the Bluegrass State

Most Worshipful Cloyd J. Bumgardner
Grand Master 2015-2016

The over 38,000 Masons of Kentucky welcome you to the Grand Lodge of Kentucky Free and Accepted Masons site.

Although Masonry has been in Kentucky over 200 years, this represents one of the few public appearances in any media other than individual stories about the many philanthropic endeavors of our Lodges and affiliated organizations. It is not that we want to be secretive, but our tradition is to not be flamboyant or advertise our good works. It is our hope that this site will serve to remove some of the shroud of mystery associated with Masonry. Any suggestions you have to make it more valuable will certainly be appreciated.

Are you interested in pursuing membership? The basic criteria for membership is:

• A belief in God
• Believe in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man
• Male and at least 18 years old
• Be a resident of Kentucky
• Be recommended by 2 members of the Lodge
• Receive a unanimous ballot for membership

There is one little known aspect of petitioning for membership of which you should be aware. You will not be asked to become a member. Masons in Kentucky do not solicit for membership, we wait for the man to ask for a petition.


News Updates – See IMPORTANT NEW INFORMATION in the “News Section” below.


Incoming Grand Master Handbook

Incoming Grand Masters Handbook information.  Click Here

 The Proposed Re-Structured Grand Lodge Constitution is Located in the Members Only Section under the Constitution Tab.

Please read the below from the Jurisprudence Committee on the Re-Structured Constitution.


TO: All Lodge Delegates and Past Masters who plan to attend the Grand Lodge session in October 2016
FROM: Committee on Jurisprudence, Grand Lodge of Kentucky, F. & A. M.
DATE: May 31, 2016

SUBJECT: Grand Lodge Constitution Re-Structured

BOOK OF CONSTITUTIONS (With Former Sections included)”
The Constitution has been reformatted by gathering scattered sections of our existing 2015 Constitution and moving them to a more comprehensive group setting.
We are requesting that the Grand Lodge Web page have this posted for your review and comparison. ,

The Jurisprudence Committee has been working diligently with the Craft and the Lodge officers in mind. We are going to be very transparent in our recommendation. You can see this document in the Members Only Section under the Constitution Tab.

With all the Sections included, there are no changes to the present Constitution.
Therefore this Re-Structured printing is all that we will be asking you to vote upon at this fall 2016 GL session.
This will only require a simple majority vote to adopt and will not need to lie over, as would a Constitutional change.

L. Todd Eastham, PGM, Chairman
Jack P. Hodges, PGM
Rick Nation, PGM

Masonic Home Journal

The Kentucky Masonic Home Journal is now available online. Download the most recent edition!

Grand Master’s 2015-2016 Statewide and District Traveling Gavel Programs

Statewide Traveling Gavel Program

Your Grand Master will continue the Statewide Traveling Gavel Program from last year. The gavel location can be tracked using the Traveling Gavel locator found on the Grand Lodge of Kentucky website and/or the Grand Lodge of Kentucky Statewide Traveling Gavel Location Facebook Page (see Appendix D). It is important that you follow the directions contained in the gavel case to ensure that the gavel location is kept up with and all lodges have an opportunity to take it to their lodge. The gavel used this year is made from historic materials. The head of the gavel is cut from a piece of hand hewn Kentucky Limestone, chimney rock. This rock was taken from the very humble log cabin built, and lived in, by Patience and George Washington Bumgardner (circa 1830 – 1860). The cabin was located in the Pumpkin Hollow community of Pulaski County, KY. Patience and George Washington Bumgardner were your Grand Master’s Great, Great Grandmother and Grandfather. The handle of the gavel was turned from wood taken from a tree felled on the campus of the Masonic Homes of Louisville, KY. Please keep this historic gavel safe, and circulating around Kentucky. One or more Masons may pick up the Gavel at any Masonic meeting where it is available. The gavel does need to be present in a tiled meeting to count as a lodge visit. Also, be sure to follow the directions located inside the case and to sign the registry contained in the gavel case. The gavel, its travels, and the information you leave in the case will become a part of the rich history of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky for future ages. The lodge which travels the furthest, as indicated by the log kept inside the gavel case, will receive an award at the Annual Communication. The purpose of this program is to encourage Masonic Travel across the State of Kentucky.


Grand Lodge Disaster Relief Donations

Your donations to the Grand Lodge Disaster Relief Fund for those brethren who have lost their Lodge Building, Homes and also those brethren who lost their lives during the recent Tornados that swept through Kentucky in the past months. Please Click on the Button below and you may make a donation with most major credit cards. Thank you for your Donations to these brethren and their communities!