The Kentucky Department of Education welcomes and appreciates the support of the Grand Lodge, for Operation Preparation 2013.

Operation Preparation is a joint effort of the Kentucky Department of Education and the Department of Workforce Development and provides a powerful opportunity for schools, students, parents and communities to collaborate in the process of effective advising and focus attention on the importance of planning for college and/or career.

Everyone has a role to play in the college/career readiness of Kentucky’s students. It’s not just the job of our schools. Community support is very important. Ensuring our students are college/career ready will benefit us all. Community volunteers who care about students’ and Kentucky’s future are the heart of Operation Preparation.

Grand Lodge members who are interested in serving in their local schools should contact the school(s) directly (click here to access a map of districts currently listed as participating) to verify that they are participating and let them know they are available to help.

For nondisclosure form, training links, and other information, go to:
For additional information please contact:
Sharon Johnston- 502-564-4970

Should you need further information about this program I can be reached at or by cell phone at 606-271-8688.