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Number: 626
Name: Willard
Members: 92
1st Thursday, Monthly at 7:30 PM Eastern Time
Notes & Exceptions: Winter Meeting Time 7:00pm EST Summer Meetings 7:30pm EST
Physical Address: ROUTE 1 WILLARD KY , WILLARD, KY 41181
Mailing Address: PO BOX 106, HITCHINS, KY 41146
Master: Earl Keith Mason
Master Email: keithmason181@yahoo.com
Master Phone: 606-424-5100
Master Address: 64 HAYES DRIVE , SANDYHOOK, KY 41171
Secretary: Philbert Quinton McCoy
Secretary Email: philmccoy26@gmail.com
Secretary Phone: 606-474-9938 cell 316 7941
Secretary Address: 7638 ST. HWY 773, DENTON, KY 41132


District: 27
District Deputy Grand Master: Stephen Wray Wessel (953, 998, 325)
Email: swessel71@icloud.com

Directions: On Route 1 In Willard Ky. The Drive way is directly across Route1 from the Christian Church. The Church is the only Church on Route 1 in Willard . Lodge is behind old Willard School. Address For your GPS System is McCormick Rd Grayson.