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This committee was established to bring awareness and support to our Masonic youth in Kentucky, Masonic youth have, and continue, to play a valuable supporting role in Freemasonry; all the while, practicing and learning the tenants of our gentle craft. Aiding and guiding these young adults is a re- warding experience and I urge you to seek out local chapters, assemblies, and bethels where you or your lodges can be of service. In addition, you will assist local lodges in connecting with Masonic youth and encourage them to not only provide financial support, but that of their time.


  • District Deputy Grand Masters, along with Masonic Youth Committeemen, need to become familiar with the local chapters, assemblies, and bethels in their area or closest one to a specific geographic area.
  • Selected committeemen will travel to local lodges in their area to act as a liaison and encourage interactions with Masonic youth groups. They will also assume any other duties as provided by the committee chair and Grand Master of Kentucky.
  • Provide lodges with contact information.
  • Advertise chapter, assembly, and bethel current events.
  • Encourage Brothers to volunteer their time and think about becoming an advisor. Advise on how to become an advisor or provide them with information to learn more.
  • While speaking with lodges, encourage them to visit local chapters, assemblies, and bethels.
  • Stimulate discussion on how lodges are able to financially support local chapters, assemblies, and bethels.