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Joining the Masons

Becoming a Mason
There is one little known aspect of petitioning for membership of which you should be aware. You will not be asked to become a member. Masons in Kentucky do not solicit for membership, we wait for the man to ask for a petition.

Becoming a member of a Masonic Lodge is fairly simple, but there are some requirements that must be met.

A Mason must be a man, masonry being a fraternal organization. There are Masonic affiliated groups such as The Order of the Eastern Star which are for women members.

A Mason must be of sound mind and body, which does not mean that you cannot be physically handicapped.  Many Masons are.

A Mason must believe in God, the tenets of Freemasonry are derived from a belief in the supreme being and our goals are derived from the teachings of the same.

A Mason must be 18 years old.  This is the minimum age requirement in the State of Kentucky.

If these requirements are met, one thing further is required to join the Masonic organization. The man wishing to become a Mason must seek out his local Masonic Lodge, through its members, and request to join. Masonry does not ask men to join Masonry, but wants its members to be serious about their commitments and exercise their free will in deciding to join the Masons.

Upon making this request, the prospective member will be asked to formally petition the Lodge affirming his qualifications for membership.

If You Need Assistance in finding out about becoming a member, Email our Education Committee