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Incentive Award Programs

Grand Master’s Handbook 2023 – 2024

The Grand Master’s Handbook with complete details of next year Awards Programs, District Meeting Dates, Educational Date and details of Excellency Award.

2023-2024-DDGM-Handbook-web (1.0 MiB)

Grand Master’s Excellence Award 2023-2024

The Grand Master’s Lodge of Excellence Award is designed to raise the overall proficiency of a lodge by increasing visibility within the community and the fraternity. Lodges attaining the award will receive it at the 2024 Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. They must meet the requirements from September 1, 2023, through August 1, 2024. All applications must be signed by the Master of the lodge and certified by the lodge Secretary, with his signature and the seal of the lodge. Applications must be received by the Grand Lodge Office by August 15, 2024. The requirements for this award are based on input from individual lodges, Past Grand Masters, previous excellence programs and the Grand Master himself. The purpose of this program is to encourage lodges to become very active in their communities and in Masonic knowledge and procedures.


Attendance Awards 2023-2024

An attendance award will be presented at the Grand Lodge Annual Communication 2023 to those lodges who have the Master, and 10% of their total membership, or the Master and fifteen members, present. For example, if a lodge has 30 members, the Master and three members must attend. If a lodge has 150 or more members, the Master and at least 15 members must attend to qualify for this award.

(If the Master is unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances, the lodge may apply to the Area Officer or the Grand Master for relief. If the Area Officer and the Grand Master determine that the absence is justifiable, the lodge may then be considered to have met the requirements with a total of 10% of their total membership in attendance.)[more]

2023-2024 Ritualist Award Program
To achieve this award a brother must have proven that he has been a ritualist in Masonry or is a Masonic Ritualist today. [more]

Certification Calculation Worksheet (Excel Format)

Certification Application

Ritualist 100 – 125
Senior Ritualist 126 – 150
Master Ritualist 151 – 200
Points that can be earned: 240

A brother must accomplish from the list below to achieve this prestigious recognition. Must be given from memory, “not read”!