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Traveling Ark & Anchor Program

2023-2024 Grand Master’s  Statewide Traveling Gauge Current Location

Jenkins (856)

1st Monday, Monthly at 7:30 PM Eastern Time
3rd Monday, Monthly at 7:30 PM Eastern Time


The Grand Master will have a Statewide Traveling Gauge Program. The Traveling Gauge, location can be tracked using the locator found on the Grand Lodge of Kentucky website and/or the Grand Lodge of Kentucky Statewide Traveling Gauge, Location Facebook Page (see Appendix D). It is important that you follow the directions contained in the Traveling Gauge case to ensure that its location is kept updat- ed, so all lodges have an opportunity to claim it. One or more Masons may claim the Traveling Gauge at any Masonic meeting. It must be claimed and presented in a tiled or open meeting to count. Make sure to follow the directions and sign the registry contained in the Traveling Gauge case. The Traveling Gauge will begin at Salem Lodge No. 81, District 3, on October 19, 2023. Rules for claiming the Gauge will be posted on the Location Facebook page and a copy will be included in the Gauge Case.

As Masons, we are taught that the Gauge is an instrument used to divide our time equaly into three parts, eight hours for the service of God and the relief of a poor and distressed worthy brother; eight hours for our usual vocations, and eight for refreshment and sleep.

Elected or Appointed Grand Lodge Officers and District Deputy Grand Masters are not eligable to retrieve the Grand Master’s 24 Inch Gauge.

2023-2024 District Traveling Gavel Program

The District Deputy Grand Master is asked to maintain and promote the traveling gavel program in his district. Each district should have a Traveling Gavel, and the District Deputy Grand Master should

always know where it is located. It is his responsibility to keep the gavel traveling from lodge to lodge

The guidelines below are only suggestions on how the District Traveling Gavel Program might work. If your district has a program in place, then continue with it instead. The purpose of this program is to encourage Masonic travel within the district.

The Traveling Gavel must be placed in clear view of all visiting Brothers.

Suggestions for claiming the Traveling Guage

1. The traveling guage may be claimed from a lodge on any regular or lawfully called meeting, excluding only Masonic Funeral Rites.

  1. The traveling guage may be claimed by:
    1. Whichever lodge has the most visitors present.
  1. If there is a tie, the lodge that traveled the farthest will receive the guage.
  2. The Traveling Guage will be presented before closing the lodge.
  3. The lodge receiving the gavel will notify the District Deputy.


3. If the District Traveling Gavel has not moved in more than month sinse being claimed, the lodge holding it is encouraged to take the gavel to another lodge of their choosing in their district.