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Grand Master 2023-2024

Right Worshipful Grand Lodge Officers, Most Worshipful Past Grand Masters, Worshipful Appointed Grand Lodge Officers, Worshipful District Deputy Grand Masters, Worshipful Grand Lodge Committeemen, Distinguished Guests from Appendant Bodies, Our out of state guests, Wardens, brothers, families, and friends.

I stand before you today the most humbled I have ever been in my life!  This journey would not have been possible if not for the faith the Craft of Kentucky has placed in me and the Grace of God. I promise you I will work ever so diligently for the Craft of Kentucky every day of my time as Grand Master and beyond.

I would first like to thank my family for the support they have given me throughout this journey. If I had a way, I would have put 8 more hours in a day and at least 2 more days in the week so that I could have had more time around the family and farm so that they would not have had to carry so much of the burden.  Thank you!

I would like to thank the Installing officers: MWPGM Geary Laird, Installing Master; MWPGM Tim Sanders, Installing Marshall; MWPGM E. Darren Wilson, Installing Chaplain; MWPGM Chris Stout Masters Charge.  Excellent Ceremony. I am truly honored to have these distinguished Past Grand Masters install me today.

Thank you so much to my home Lodge, Somerset 111, for all the support they have given me.  I continue to serve my lodge as Secretary and they have filled in for me when I was away on Grand Lodge business and they have given me support in anything I asked of them.

My Theme this year is “Being a Mason 24/7”.  We all took three obligations at the alter and its important that we live those 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  More importantly we need to be that Mason not just within the walls of our Lodge but everyday out in the world.  We need to be the examples in our communities. In today’s world, we need the principles and tenets of Freemasonry to be the shining example to those who observe us every day.

We need to keep our Military and First Responders in our thoughts and prayers daily. Our Military allow us to keep us the freedom to meet as Masons without inference from government intervention and censorship. Our First Responders keep us safe daily risking their lives and forgoing so much to do so.

Thank you to the brothers that have accepted positions this year.  It does not matter what program you are on as all of them are important to the overall goals for next year. I also want to thank the brothers across this state that keep the lodges going.  I look forward to working with each of you.

In the Marine Corps I learned a valuable trait as a leader.  First to learn from those who are above you or came before you.  I have so many Most Worshipful Past Grand Masters, Past Masters and Masons that I have learned so much from and hope to continue to gain knowledge from. Second was to teach those under me so that when they climbed the ladder they would be prepared and successful.  I hope to carry on that trait as Grand Master.

I will always have an ear for the craft, an open mind, good instruction, and wise council for the brothers. From the craft I come and to the craft I will return.  I only ask one thing of you brothers, help me make a difference this year!

God bless each of you and your lodges. I’m here to assist you any way I can. I love you all!

Fraternally Thine,

Richard F. “Dick” Short
Grand Master 2023-2024