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Grand Lodge Events

Grand Lodge Events
Calendar of upcoming events, details, directions and information.

District Meetings
Information about District Meetings: schedules, locations, dates and times.

Leadership Educational Conference Meetings
Information on Dates, Times and Locations of the Educational Meetings.

Masonic Leadership Academy
This year, the Grand Master is launching the Masonic Academy which will be held on a quarterly schedule starting on November 13, 2021. This will be a four-module training. Each class will focus on the integral characteristics of leadership beginning with the Attribute of Leadership, the Applications of Leadership, the Aspirations of Leadership, then culminating into the fourth module which will be fo- cused on addressing qualities and characteristics of a Grand Lodge Officer and preparing for the future of freemasonry. Pre-registration will begin in September of 2021. All Master Masons interested in be- coming a better leader in your lodge, or if you have aspirations of becoming a Grand Lodge Officer, then we encourage you to take part in this beneficial Academy. Pre-registration information will be made available in the September edition of the Masonic Home Journal.

Academy #1 – Intro to Leadership Problem Solving
Academy #2 – Masonic History / Lodge Operations
Academy #3 – Business / Finance / Record Keeping / Budget Planning
Academy #4 – Roundtable Discussions / Graduation