2016-2017 Grand Master’s Traveling Cane Current Location

Symsonia (917)

3rd Tuesday, Monthly at 7:00 PM Central Time

Grand Master’s 2016-2017 Statewide and District Traveling Cane Programs

Statewide Traveling Cane Program

Your Grand Master is having a Statewide Traveling Cane Program from this year. The Cane location can be tracked using the Traveling Cane locator found on the Grand Lodge of Kentucky website and/ or the Grand Lodge of Kentucky Statewide Traveling Cane Location Facebook Page (see Appendix D). It is important that you follow the directions with the Cane to ensure that the Cane location is kept up with and all lodges have an opportunity to take it to their lodge. The Cane used this year is made from historic materials. The handle of the cane is cut from an Eastern Ky. Bull Elk Horn and the stick portion of the cane is a piece of Acacia Wood which is from Egypt. To all Masons we known the significance of this wood The elk horn was donated by brother Windel Dyer, the acacia wood was donated by brother Jim Story, and the cane was made by brother John Grider. Please keep this historic cane safe, and circulating around Kentucky. One or more Masons may pick up the Cane at any Masonic meeting where it is available. The cane does need to be present in a tiled meeting to count as a lodge visit. The cane, its travels, and the information you leave with the cane will become a part of the rich history of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky for future ages. The lodge which travels the furthest, as indicated by the log kept with the cane, will receive an award at the Annual Communication. The purpose of this program is to encourage Masonic Travel across the State of Kentucky.


The District Deputy Grand Master is asked to maintain and promote the traveling gavel program in their district. Each district should have a Traveling Gavel and the District Deputy Grand Master should always know where it is located. It is his responsibility to keep the gavel traveling from lodge to lodge.

The guidelines below are suggestions on how the District Traveling Gavel Program might work. If your district has a program in place, then continue with it instead.

The Traveling Gavel must be placed in clear view of all visiting Brothers Suggestions for Claiming the Traveling Gavel

(1) The traveling gravel may be claimed from a lodge on a regular meeting, called meeting, degree work, installation of officers, or District Meeting.

(2) A Minimum of the Master and two of his five principal officers, (Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer or Secretary).

(3) A lodge that has four principal officers or more.

(4) A lodge that has five or more brothers.

(5) If two or more lodges within the district visit a lodge, which qualify, the lodge that brought the most members will receive the gravel. If there is a tie, the lodge that traveled the farthest will receive the Gavel.

(6) The “District Traveling Gavel” will be presented before closing the lodge.

(7) The lodge receiving the Gavel will notify the District Deputy that it is in their possession, so when asked he will be able to tell other lodges where it is.

The purpose of this program is to encourage Masonic Travel within districts.