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Number: 664
Name: Hyden
Members: 170
2nd Monday, Monthly at 7:00 PM Eastern Time
4th Saturday, Monthly at 6:00 PM Eastern Time
Physical Address: 20 DRYHILL ROAD, HYDEN, KY 41749
Mailing Address: 291 RIDGE RD, THOUSANDSTICKS, KY 41766
Master: Bobby Newsome Jr
Master Phone: 16064385315
Master Address: 1085 TYPO RD, BONNYMAN, KY 41719
Secretary: Frank Wayne Baker II
Secretary Email: fbakerII@gmail.com
Secretary Phone: 606-275-9267
Secretary Address: 291 RIDGE RD, THOUSANDSTICKS, KY 41766


District: 26
District Deputy Grand Master: Jacob Willis Pennington (938)
Email: jwp40701@msn.com
Website: http://www.mastermason.com/kydist26/

Directions: Turn left at end of Tim Couch Pass (Hyden Spur), turn left at red light in middle of Hyden, Lodge is located between Ken Buckle Law Office and Just Around the Corner Hair Salon. On the right immediately after you turn left at red light.