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Grand Lodge of Kentucky – Grant Program


This grant program has been established by the Grand Master with the intent of providing money towards worthy projects for the improvement of a subordinate lodge’s building and/or property. While Lodges will not be required to match funding granted under this program or expend their own money, it is encouraged that any lodge that applies for funding will also contribute some of their own funds towards the planned project to either help kick start the project or potentially get a project across the finish line. Lodges may apply for this grant program by using this form and attaching additional information hereto. Please be aware that only those lodges who complete this form, in its entirety, will be eligible to receive a grant.


Program Objectives:

  1. To inspire lodge improvement through the physical appearance, safety, and aesthetic environment of lodge buildings and halls;
  2. To incentivize lodges to analyze their finances to foster proper budgeting and secure the financial wellbeing of individual lodges for the future; and
  3. To promote and encourage individual lodges to continually improve their lodge facilities.


Grant Program Details:

  1. All grant monies must go towards a valid and verifiable lodge improvement project.
  2. The program is designed as a holistic grant program. Lodges will not be required to expend or match any funds in order to be eligible for the awarding of grant funds, however, it is encouraged that a Lodge provide some funds towards the project to show their interest and commitment towards the project.
  3. All projects must be completed by a licensed and insured professional. For liability reasons, the work will not be permitted to be completed by a brother. (Exceptions will only be made for this provision for projects which do not require professional services and that decision will be left to the discretion of the Grant Committee).
  4. Estimates and a detailed budget will be required for each project.
  5. In completing this application, Lodges will be required to show the financial status of the lodge, including the current solvency of the lodge, the dues structure of the lodge, the average annual expenses for the lodge, and the current lodge membership numbers.
  6. All applicants will be required to sign a hold harmless agreement and a liability waiver before receiving or beginning any work on the lodge facility.
  7. Grants will be dispersed based on the number of applications and the amounts requested. The total amount of the program is capped at $5,000. The idea is to provide two (2) $2,500 grants. However, if a request is made for a lesser amount than $2,500 by multiple lodges, then every effort will be taken to provide as much funding to each lodge based on the total amount requested. Please note, projects will be funded entirely rather than partially. So, if one lodge requests $1,000 and another requests $1,500, both could be funded. However, if one lodge requests $1,900 and the other requests $1,300, potentially only one lodge could be funded. Furthermore, no money has to be awarded under this program. The Grant committee is authorized to discuss possible funding with lodges to coordinate the appropriate allocation of such funds as they deem fit.
  8. All decision for funding will be made by the members of the grant committee who are appointed by the Grand Master for that particular year. To preserve the integrity of this program, it is expected that lodges directly associated with a member of the grant committee, the Grand Master, or anyone associated with the awarding of such grants will be ineligible to receive such a grant. Lodges associated with a member of the committee or Grand Master may submit an application prior to the deadline, but it will not be considered unless there is no other viable application. Only when no other viable grant application has been received will a lodge directly associated with a member of the grant committee be considered. At that time, the member associated with the lodge who submitted the grant application will be disqualified from reviewing, approving, or expressing an opinion on such an application.
  9. The disbursement of Grant funds will be made in one of two ways: (a) the lodge will pay for the expenditure out of their own funds and will submit reimbursement up to the amount of the grant to the Grand Lodge for reimbursement; or (b) the funds will be transferred to the lodge directly and the lodge will be responsible for providing receipts of their purchases to the Grand Lodge for verification. Failure to provide receipts in a timely manner could result in sanctions or indebtedness to the Grand Lodge, which can be assessed in the lodge’s next annual Grand Lodge assessment. The decision on how to fund the lodge will be made by the grant committee in conjunction with Grand Master and the recipient lodge.


Eligible Applicants:

All regular Lodges located within the Commonwealth of Kentucky, who are chartered by the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, and who own, wholly or can show an equal or greater ownership in the property, their lodge facility will be eligible to apply and receive a grant under this program. The monies awarded under this grant must remain with the lodge to which it is awarded. Grant recipients that have not closed out a previous grant will not be considered for a new grant.


Ineligible Applicants:

To promote the integrity of this grant program and ensure that funds are spent in a wise, thoughtful, and responsible way, only lodges that own their facility wholly or can show an equal or greater ownership in the property will be considered. Moreover, these funds can only be awarded to a lodge itself, and not to an individual member of a lodge. Furthermore, no other organization, including an affiliate body, will be eligible for such a grant. It is expected that lodges who share a building with an affiliate body will apply for a grant. In that situation, the lodge applying for a grant must provide proof that the funds will be spent for the betterment of the lodge and that no one other than an affiliate organization (i.e. York Rite, Scottish Rite, DeMolay, Eastern Star, or another subordinate lodge) owns a portion of that facility. This is the only exception to a lodge wholly owning their building and being eligible for a grant. While the funds awarded for this grant are meant for the sole improvement of the lodge which has requested such funds, the fact that an affiliate organization could receive an ancillary benefit is also advantageous to this program. What would not be advantageous is where the lodge rents their facility from a person or organization that is not associated with the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. For example, a Real estate developer who is privately owned and operated. Physical improvements to such a facility could ultimately revert to the true owner of the property rather than the renter, if the contractual relationship were to be severed.


Grant Application and Award Timeline:

A.  Grant Application Submission Deadline:
A lodge wishing to submit an application must do so by no later than May 31, 2022.

B)  Grant Applications will be reviewed between May 31, 2022, and June 30, 2022.

C)  Grant recipients will be announced on July 30, 2022.

D)  Projects are to be completed by August 31, 2022. Lodges receiving grant funds are expected to stay in contact with the Grant Committee throughout the project. All lodges receiving a grant are expected to complete a report which is to submitted to the Grant Committee and present at the Grand Lodge Communication.