A program to support Masonic Homes Kentucky’s

Rehabilitation Program

Most Worshipful Geary Laird, Grand Master, and First Lady, Terri Laird

Since its creation in 1867, Masonic Homes Kentucky has cared for adults and children for over 152

years, with dedicated attention to their quality of life, both while receiving care and afterward. They

serve many individuals who require physical rehabilitation following surgery, falls, strokes, and hip or

knee replacement, to name a few. Top-notch rehabilitation care is critical in helping these individuals return

home to resume their lives to the highest degree possible. To provide that care, however, requires

the best professional staff and equipment available.

The Homes’ Louisville and Shelbyville rehabilitation departments have an excellent reputation, yet having

all of the desired equipment isn’t always possible, so staff maintains a “wish list” for equipment that

exceeds their typical allowable budget. Their current list includes:

• Bariatric motorized parallel bars to allow larger individuals to utilize the equipment more easily

and effectively (needed for Louisville Campus)

• Vitastim Plus to provide an improved approach for residents with swallowing difficulties. As

many as 50% of long term care residents have some degree of difficulty with swallowing (needed

for Louisville and Shelbyville Campuses).

• Neurogym sit-to-stand trainer to strengthen weight bearing muscles to increase standing ability

and movement, especially in older residents (needed for Louisville and Shelbyville Campuses).

We know that at some point in a person’s lifetime, they will have a need for rehabilitation services for

themselves or a family member. For example, members of both of our families have required rehabilitation

– our Mothers (double knee replacements) and Terri’s Mother (back surgery for spinal stenosis).

Also, Terri’s sister received rehabilitation after a hospital stay.

We feel strongly about supporting Masonic Homes Kentucky’s Rehabilitation Department to help people

return to daily life and live in a normal way, therefore, we have chosen to establish a program for

2019-20 we call “Transforming Lives.” Our goal is to raise approximately $21,200 to purchase the

equipment described above and have designed a special lapel pin which will be available for a small

$10.00 donation. In addition, lodges, companies, and other individuals may simply make a financial

gift to the program. All gifts are welcome and very much appreciated. Please join us in this exciting


Thank you for caring enough to help others, and for your participation in helping us reach our goal.

Terri and Geary Laird