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Kentucky Lodge List

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1st Mon., each month206Albanyat 7:00 PM CTALBANY
1st Mon., each month24Allenat 7:00 PM CTGLASGOW
1st Mon., each month617Bereaat 7:00 PM ETBEREA
1st Mon., each month67Breckinridgeat 7:00 PM CTHARDINSBURG
1st Mon., each month596Bremenat 7:00 PM CTBREMEN
1st Mon., each month155Bullittat 7:30 PM ETSHELBYVILLE
1st Mon., each month919Camp Knoxat 7:00 PM ETRADCLIFF
1st Mon., each month134Carrolltonat 7:00 PM ETCARROLLTON
1st Mon., each month424Caseyat 7:30 PM ETDUNNVILLE
1st Mon., each month272Cassiaat 7:00 PM CTMORGANTOWN
1st Mon., each month112Flemingat 7:30 PM ETWALLINGFORD
1st Mon., each month3Georgetownat 7:30 PM ETGEORGETOWN
1st Mon., each month208Grahamat 7:00 PM CTSCOTTSVILLE
1st Mon., each month54Greensburgat 6:30 PM CTGREENSBURG
1st Mon., each month89Greenupat 7:30 PM ETGREENUP
1st Mon., each month958Hendersonat 7:00 PM CTHENDERSON
1st Mon., each month131Hickmanat 7:00 PM CTCLINTON
1st Mon., each month689Hindmanat 7:00 PM ETHINDMAN
1st Mon., each month819Howardat 7:00 PM ETBAXTER
1st Mon., each month856Jenkinsat 7:30 PM ETJENKINS
1st Mon., each month1Lexingtonat 7:30 PM ETLEXINGTON
1st Mon., each month60Lincolnat 7:30 PM ETSTANFORD
1st Mon., each month369Mayfieldat 7:00 PM CTMAYFIELD
1st Mon., each month800McHenryat 7:00 PM CTBEAVER DAM KY
1st Mon., each month130Owensboro-Yellow Banksat 7:30 PM CTOWENSBORO
1st Mon., each month661Pinnacleat 7:30 PM ETMIDDLESBORO
1st Mon., each month410Pleasurevilleat 7:30 PM ETEMINENCE
1st Mon., each month138Smithlandat 7:00 PM CTSMITHLAND
1st Mon., each month906St. Matthews-PRPat 7:00 PM ETLOUISVILLE
1st Mon., each month218Swigert-Middletownat 7:00 PM ETMIDDLETOWN
1st Mon., each month490Williamsburgat 7:00 PM ETWILLIAMSBURG
1st Tue., each month132B. R. Youngat 7:30 PM ETHODGENVILLE
1st Tue., each month55Bathat 7:00 PM ETOWINGSVILLE
1st Tue., each month961C.D. Wardat 7:00 PM ETEAST BERNSTADT
1st Tue., each month6Duvallat 7:30 PM ETBARDSTOWN
1st Tue., each month931Edmontonat 7:00 PM CTEDMONTON
1st Tue., each month729Ensorat 7:30 PM CTPHILPOT
1st Tue., each month581Favoriteat 7:30 PM ETEWING
1st Tue., each month946Fort Campbellat 7:00 PM CTOAK GROVE
1st Tue., each month757Hebronat 7:30 PM ETHEBRON
1st Tue., each month246Hopeat 6:30 PM ETPARIS
1st Tue., each month167Joppaat 7:00 PM CTEDDYVILLE
1st Tue., each month186Livermoreat 7:30 PM CTLIVERMORE
1st Tue., each month884Lonesome Pineat 7:30 PM ETNEON
1st Tue., each month143Madisonvilleat 7:00 PM CTMADISONVILLE
1st Tue., each month198Mayoat 7:30 PM ETCALIFORNIA
1st Tue., each month631McKinneyat 7:00 PM ETBRODHEAD
1st Tue., each month586McNeilat 7:30 PM ETLEBANON JUNCTION
1st Tue., each month874Orie S. Wareat 7:00 PM ETSTEARNS
1st Tue., each month829Pewee Valleyat 7:30 PM ETCRESTWOOD
1st Tue., each month449Plain Cityat 7:00 PM CTPADUCAH
1st Tue., each month325Poageat 7:00 PM ETASHLAND
1st Tue., each month244Pond Riverat 7:00 PM CTGREENVILLE
1st Tue., each month646Robert Clarkat 7:00 PM ETSEXTONS CREEK
1st Tue., each month954Robert M. Sirkleat 7:30 PM ETLEXINGTON
1st Tue., each month172Robertsat 7:00 PM CTFULTON
1st Tue., each month830Shawneeat 7:30 PM ETGEORGETOWN
1st Tue., each month890Stoneat 7:30 PM ETBELFRY
1st Tue., each month210Taylorsvilleat 7:00 PM ETTAYLORSVILLE
1st Tue., each month276Temple Hillat 7:00 PM CTFARMINGTON
1st Tue., each month20Winchesterat 7:30 PM ETWINCHESTER
1st Wed., each month297A.G. Hodgesat 7:30 PM CTREYNOLDS STATION
1st Wed., each month774Jeffersontownat 7:30 PM ETLOUISVILLE
1st Thu., each month152Alexandriaat 7:00 PM ETALEXANDRIA
1st Thu., each month256Bighamat 7:00 PM CTMARION
1st Thu., each month896Buechelat 7:30 PM ETLOUISVILLE
1st Thu., each month634Burnsideat 7:00 PM ETBURNSIDE
1st Thu., each month875Cerulean Springsat 7:00 PM CTCERULEAN
1st Thu., each month96Columbiaat 7:00 PM CTCOLUMBIA
1st Thu., each month722Craftsmanat 7:00 PM ETLIBERTY
1st Thu., each month644Cubaat 7:00 PM CTCUBA
1st Thu., each month548E.W. Turnerat 7:00 PM CTEARLINGTON
1st Thu., each month942Fairdaleat 7:30 PM ETFAIRDALE
1st Thu., each month28Franklinat 7:30 PM ETDANVILLE
1st Thu., each month503Goshenat 7:30 PM CTHARTSVILLE
1st Thu., each month298J. Speed Smithat 7:00 PM ETWILLISBURG
1st Thu., each month87Lebanonat 7:30 PM ETLEBANON
1st Thu., each month672Marion Hale at 7:00 PM ETINEZ
1st Thu., each month76Morrisonat 7:30 PM ETELIZABETHTOWN
1st Thu., each month148Providenceat 7:00 PM CTDIXON
1st Thu., each month266Robinson-Plumb at 7:30 PM ETLOUISVILLE
1st Thu., each month951Shively-Lewis-Parklandat 7:00 PM ETLOUISVILLE
1st Thu., each month878Stanleyat 7:30 PM CTOWENSBORO
1st Thu., each month740Suburbanat 7:30 PM ETLOUISVILLE
1st Thu., each month108Tadmorat 7:30 PM ETWARSAW
1st Thu., each month742Uticaat 7:00 PM CTUTICA
1st Thu., each month929Viccoat 7:00 PM ETSASSAFRASS
1st Thu., each month603Vine Groveat 7:30 PM ETVINE GROVE
1st Thu., each month754Whitesburgat 7:00 PM ETWHITESBURG
1st Thu., each month626Willardat 7:30 PM ETHITCHINS
1st Fri., each month231Bear Wallow/Cave Cityat 7:30 PM CTCAVE CITY
1st Fri., each month788Beech Bottomat 7:00 PM CTMONTICELLO
1st Fri., each month232Dycusburgat 7:00 PM CTDYCUSBURG
1st Fri., each month255Mt. Gileadat 7:30 PM ETSCIENCE HILL
1st Fri., each month462New Salemat 7:00 PM CTFRANKLIN
1st Fri., each month682Salt Lickat 7:00 PM ETSALT LICK
1st Sat., each month80Augustaat 7:30 PM ETMAYSVILLE
1st Sat., each month847Austinat 7:00 PM CTAUSTIN
1st Sat., each month880Benhamat 6:30 PM ETBENHAM
1st Sat., each month826Big Springat 7:00 PM ETCECILIA
1st Sat., each month304Boone-Unionat 7:00 PM ETUNION
1st Sat., each month858Chandlersvilleat 7:00 PM ETRIVER
1st Sat., each month220Demossat 7:30 PM ETMORNINGVIEW
1st Sat., each month955Fern Creekat 10:00 AM ETLOUISVILLE
1st Sat., each month655Greenvilleat 7:00 PM ETWEST LIBERTY
1st Sat., each month515H.A.M. Hendersonat 7:00 PM CTBETHLEHEM
1st Sat., each month924Hardburlyat 7:00 PM ETBONNYMAN
1st Sat., each month879Harlanat 5:00 PM ETGRAYS KNOB
1st Sat., each month262Hudsonvilleat 6:00 PM CTHUDSON
1st Sat., each month507Mizpahat 7:00 PM ETCAMPTON
1st Sat., each month806Nolenat 7:00 PM ETBLEDSOE
1st Sat., each month537North Ballardat 7:00 PM CTLACENTER
1st Sat., each month629Olive Hillat 7:00 PM ETOLIVE HILL
1st Sat., each month736Oneidaat 7:00 PM ETONEIDA
1st Sat., each month530Otter Creekat 7:00 PM ETMONTICELLO
1st Sat., each month966River Cityat 10:00 AM ETLOUISVILLE
1st Sat., each month744Short Creekat 7:00 PM CTLEITCHFIELD
1st Sat., each month125St. Johnsat 7:30 PM ETHARROSBURG
1st Sat., each month430T.W. Washat 7:30 PM ETGRAVEL SWITCH
1st Sat., each month328Waynesburgat 7:30 PM ETEUBANK
1st Sat., each month280Woodburyat 7:00 PM CTMORGANTOWN
1st Sat., each month964Zonetonat 7:30 PM ETHILLVIEW

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