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Kentucky Lodge List

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2nd Mon., each month195Appersonat 7:00 PM ETLOUISA
2nd Mon., each month633Auroraat 7:00 PM ETBARDSTOWN
2nd Mon., each month691Bellat 7:30 PM ETPINEVILLE
2nd Mon., each month57Bloomfieldat 7:30 PM ETBLOOMFIELD
2nd Mon., each month939Boonevilleat 7:30 PM ETBOONEVILLE
2nd Mon., each month73Bowling Greenat 6:00 PM CTBOWLING GREEN
2nd Mon., each month401Briensburg-T.L. Jefferson at 7:00 PM CTBENTON
2nd Mon., each month566Brodheadat 7:00 PM ETBRODHEAD
2nd Mon., each month673Centralat 7:00 PM CTCENTRAL CITY
2nd Mon., each month798Clayat 7:00 PM ETMANCHESTER
2nd Mon., each month159Colonel Clayat 7:30 PM ETCOVINGTON
2nd Mon., each month751Cumberland Valleyat 6:30 PM ETGRAY
2nd Mon., each month160Devotionat 7:30 PM ETLEXINGTON
2nd Mon., each month600Fordsvilleat 7:00 PM CTFORDSVILLE
2nd Mon., each month47Fortitudeat 7:00 PM ETLAGRANGE
2nd Mon., each month953Fred M. Grossat 7:00 PM ETASHLAND
2nd Mon., each month669Guthrie Bethel Vesperat 7:30 PM CTPEMBROKE
2nd Mon., each month852Halfwayat 7:00 PM CTSCOTTSVILLE
2nd Mon., each month122Harrisonat 7:30 PM ETPAYNEVILLE
2nd Mon., each month937Harrison Fullertonat 7:00 PM ETSOUTH SHORE
2nd Mon., each month61Hartat 7:30 PM ETNICHOLASVILLE,
2nd Mon., each month676Hazardat 7:00 PM ETHAZARD
2nd Mon., each month865Highland Parkat 7:00 PM ETLOUISVILLE
2nd Mon., each month664Hydenat 7:00 PM ETTHOUSANDSTICKS
2nd Mon., each month868Irvingtonat 7:30 PM ETWEBSTER
2nd Mon., each month869James W. Alleyat 7:00 PM ETWAYLAND
2nd Mon., each month9Jerusalemat 7:00 PM CTHENDERSON
2nd Mon., each month952Ledbetterat 7:00 PM CTLEDBETTER
2nd Mon., each month400Louisvilleat 7:30 PM ETLOUISVILLE
2nd Mon., each month52Maysvilleat 7:00 PM ETMAYSVILLE
2nd Mon., each month777Mercerat 7:30 PM ETHARRODSBURG
2nd Mon., each month594Middleburgat 7:00 PM ETMIDDLEBURG
2nd Mon., each month341Milesat 7:30 PM ETWEST POINT
2nd Mon., each month291Mt. Olivetat 7:30 PM ETPARIS
2nd Mon., each month23Mt. Sterlingat 7:30 PM ETMT. STERLING
2nd Mon., each month608N. H. Shawat 7:00 PM CTNORTONVILLE
2nd Mon., each month128Owenat 7:30 PM ETOWENTON
2nd Mon., each month941Russell Springsat 7:00 PM CTRUSSELL SPRINGS
2nd Mon., each month735Sacramentoat 7:00 PM CTSACRAMENTO
2nd Mon., each month702Scottat 7:30 PM ETSTAMPING GROUND
2nd Mon., each month5Solomon'sat 7:30 PM ETSHELBYVILLE
2nd Mon., each month18St. Andrewsat 7:30 PM ETCYNTHIANA
2nd Mon., each month885Van Learat 7:00 PM ETPRESTONSBURG
2nd Mon., each month338Wacoat 7:00 PM ETWACO
2nd Mon., each month666Wallins Creekat 7:30 PM ETCOLDIRON
2nd Mon., each month625Wickliffeat 7:00 PM CTWICKLIFFE
2nd Mon., each month704William B. Allenat 6:00 PM CTSUMMERSVILLE
2nd Mon., each month362Wilmingtonat 7:30 PM ETMORNINGVIEW
2nd Tue., each month499Bardwellat 7:00 PM CTBARDWELL
2nd Tue., each month609Beulahat 7:00 PM CTMADISONVILLE
2nd Tue., each month850Boaz Masonic Homeat 7:00 PM ETLOUISVILLE
2nd Tue., each month41Buford-Landmarkat 7:30 PM ETMIDWAY
2nd Tue., each month714Centertownat 7:00 PM CTHARTFORD
2nd Tue., each month926Elvin E Helmsat 7:30 PM ETPETERSBURG
2nd Tue., each month109Gatewayat 7:00 PM ETCOVINGTON
2nd Tue., each month521Green Hillat 7:30 PM ETASHLAND
2nd Tue., each month903Greenwoodat 7:00 PM ETWHITLEY CITY
2nd Tue., each month517Haysat 7:00 PM CTGLASGOW
2nd Tue., each month189Henry Simpsonat 7:30 PM ETCAMPBELLSBURG
2nd Tue., each month839Hoodat 7:00 PM CTCOLUMBIA
2nd Tue., each month938Hugh Harrisat 7:00 PM ETCORBIN
2nd Tue., each month743Islandat 7:00 PM CTISLAND
2nd Tue., each month950John W. Hallat 7:00 PM ETMARTIN
2nd Tue., each month104Lancasterat 7:30 PM ETLANCASTER
2nd Tue., each month323Lovingat 7:00 PM CTFOUNTAIN RUN
2nd Tue., each month431Monticelloat 7:00 PM ETMONTICELLO
2nd Tue., each month66Morganfieldat 7:00 PM CTMORGANFIELD
2nd Tue., each month853Okolonaat 7:30 PM ETOKOLONA
2nd Tue., each month25Richmondat 7:30 PM ETRICHMOND
2nd Tue., each month662Shelbyat 7:30 PM ETFRANKFORT
2nd Tue., each month491Sieversat 7:30 PM ETNANCY
2nd Tue., each month915Sunsetat 7:30 PM ETLOUISVILLE
2nd Tue., each month928Thomas DeVennyat 7:30 PM ETPHELPS
2nd Tue., each month753Tompkinsvilleat 7:00 PM CTTOMPKINSVILLE
2nd Tue., each month749Uptonat 7:00 PM ETUPTON
2nd Tue., each month224Willis Stewartat 6:30 PM ETSHEPHERDSVILLE
2nd Wed., each month506Kilwinningat 7:30 PM ETLOUISVILLE
2nd Wed., each month281Prestonat 7:30 PM ETLOUISVILLE
2nd Wed., each month163Trinityat 7:30 PM ETNEWPORT
2nd Wed., each month889Wheelwrightat 7:00 PM ETWHEELWRIGHT
2nd Thu., each month628Al E. Ortonat 7:00 PM CTDAWSON SPRINGS
2nd Thu., each month129Barkerat 7:00 PM ETWEST POINT
2nd Thu., each month123Bradfordat 7:30 PM ETLUDLOW
2nd Thu., each month264Burlingtonat 7:30 PM ETBURLINGTON
2nd Thu., each month703Bushat 7:00 PM ETLONDON
2nd Thu., each month121Cadizat 7:00 PM CTCADIZ
2nd Thu., each month812Carrsvilleat 7:00 PM CTSALEM
2nd Thu., each month456Crescent Hillat 7:00 PM ETLOUISVILLE
2nd Thu., each month65Doughertyat 7:30 PM ETCARLISLE
2nd Thu., each month292Dunavanat 7:30 PM ETBOSTON
2nd Thu., each month283Folsomdaleat 7:30 PM CTHICKORY
2nd Thu., each month707Grahamvilleat 7:00 PM CTHICKORY
2nd Thu., each month85Grantat 7:30 PM ETWILLIAMSTOWN
2nd Thu., each month88Green Riverat 7:30 PM CTMUNFORDVILLE
2nd Thu., each month4Hiramat 7:30 PM ETFRANKFORT
2nd Thu., each month137Irvineat 7:00 PM ETIRVINE
2nd Thu., each month739Jachinat 7:00 PM CTCLAY
2nd Thu., each month482Phelpsat 7:00 PM ETSALT LICK
2nd Thu., each month124Pitmanat 7:00 PM ETCAMPBELLSVILLE
2nd Thu., each month284Russellat 7:00 PM CTJAMESTOWN
2nd Thu., each month180Salt Riverat 7:30 PM ETMT. WASHINGTON
2nd Thu., each month775Smithat 7:00 PM ETFLATWOODS
2nd Thu., each month740Suburbanat 7:30 PM ETLOUISVILLE
2nd Thu., each month145Trimbleat 7:00 PM ETGRAYSON
2nd Thu., each month897Yocumat 7:00 PM ETEVARTS
2nd Thu., each month273Zebulonat 7:00 PM ETPRESTONSBURG
2nd Fri., each month82Clintonat 7:00 PM CTPRINCETON
2nd Fri., each month910Cub Runat 7:00 PM CTMAMMOTH CAVE
2nd Fri., each month413Cumberlandat 7:00 PM CTBURKESVILLE
2nd Fri., each month688Emulationat 7:30 PM ETLAWRENCEBURG
2nd Fri., every 3 months994Hiram Bassett Lodge of Research at 7:00 PM ETSOMERSET
2nd Fri., each month320Hisevilleat 7:00 PM CTHISEVILLE
2nd Fri., each month592New Roeat 7:00 PM CTFRANKLIN
2nd Fri., each month213Proctorat 7:00 PM ETBEATTYVILLE
2nd Fri., each month769Salyersvilleat 7:00 PM ETSALYERSVILLE
2nd Fri., each month352Stantonat 7:30 PM ETSTANTON
2nd Sat., each month851Acmeat 6:00 PM CTBONNIEVILLE
2nd Sat., each month649Breathittat 7:00 PM ETJACKSON
2nd Sat., each month252C.S. Hoffmanat 7:00 PM CTEARLINGTON
2nd Sat., each month543Calvert Cityat 6:00 PM CTCALVERT CITY
2nd Sat., each month536Casey Creekat 7:00 PM CTCAMPBELLSVILLE
2nd Sat., each month599Cliftyat 7:00 PM CTBIG CLIFTY
2nd Sat., each month694Crittenden-Dry Ridgeat 9:00 AM ETCRITTENDEN
2nd Sat., each month624Custerat 7:00 PM CTVINE GROVE
2nd Sat., each month657East Pointat 7:00 PM ETEAST POINT
2nd Sat., each month755Elkforkat 7:00 PM ETSALYERSVILLE
2nd Sat., each month832Fieldsat 7:00 PM ETCUMBERLAND
2nd Sat., each month643Freedomat 4:00 PM ETBURNSIDE
2nd Sat., each month863Friedalandat 7:00 PM CTHORSE BRANCH
2nd Sat., each month576Hepburnat 7:00 PM ETSANDY HOOK
2nd Sat., each month606Jake Riceat 7:00 PM ETPRESTONSBURG
2nd Sat., each month473Joe Ellisat 9:00 AM CTUTICA
2nd Sat., each month905Kryptonat 7:00 PM ETKRYPTON
2nd Sat., each month327L.M. Coxat 7:00 PM CTCROFTON
2nd Sat., each month236Leitchfieldat 7:00 PM CTLEITCHFIELD
2nd Sat., each month183Madisonat 7:00 PM ETPAINT LICK
2nd Sat., every 3 months997Marlin White Lodge of Researchat 10:00 AM CTCAVE CITY
2nd Sat., each month144McKeeat 7:00 PM ETLONDON
2nd Sat., each month641Meeting Creekat 7:30 PM ETELIZABETHTOWN
2nd Sat., each month187Mountainat 7:30 PM ETBARBOURVILLE
2nd Sat., each month263Mt. Edenat 6:30 PM ETMOUNT EDEN
2nd Sat., each month564New Hopeat 7:30 PM ETTRAVELERS REST
2nd Sat., each month222Orionat 10:00 AM ETWILLIAMSTOWN
2nd Sat., each month725Pierattat 5:00 PM ETCAMPTON
2nd Sat., each month945R.H. Johnstonat 7:00 PM ETMCKEE
2nd Sat., each month715Rushat 7:30 PM ETASHLAND
2nd Sat., each month963Stone Cityat 7:30 PM ETGARRISON
2nd Sat., each month511Valley-Daylightat 10:00 AM ETLOUISVILLE
2nd Sat., each month882Warfieldat 7:00 PM ETWARFIELD

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