Right Worshipful  Grand  Lodge  Officers,  Most Worshipful  Past Grand Masters, Worshipful  Grand Lodge Appointed  Officers, Worshipful  District Deputy Grand Masters, Worshipful Grand  Lodge Committeemen,  Distinguished  Guest  From Appendant  Bodies  Masters,  Wardens,  Brothers, Family,  Ladies,  Friends and all, Welcome!   First and foremost, I want to thank God for His blessings.

As I stand before you my heart humbled. Thank you for being here at the installation of officers for the 221st Grand Communication of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky.   It is a great honored for me to serve as the Grand Master of Kentucky. To have my name added to the long list of Great Men that also served this great fraternity.

I want to thank the installing officers:  MWPGM Chris Stout, Installing Master, MWPGM Tim Sanders, Installing Marshal and MWPGM Geary Laird, Installing Chaplain.  It’s an honor and privilege to have these distinguished Past Grand Master’s install me.

The one person in my life, I cannot thank enough, has given me more support than I could ever asked for.  Never complaining, with all the days and late nights being gone, having to pick up the slack at home and with the family for the last serval years. My rock, love of my life, my wife Jackie.

On my journey here, we have lost my first-born Son “Nick”, in 2015. Then this September 19″, 2020, we lost Jackie’s first- born Son “Curtis.”  How we wish Nick and Curtis, could have been here with us today.  Nick left us two Grandsons that we are proud of.  Not only are they good men but good brothers in my lodge.

Thanks, to my Brothers of James W. Alley #869, (known as The Alley Cats) with their support and encouragement throughout the years.  I Love you all.  I’m happy to have my sisters Shirley, Alma, my brother in laws, Bud and Jack with us here today. Love you, Sisters.

Thanks, for all the support from James, Darren, Keith, Don, and their ladies. To all the past Grand Masters that has given me guidance throughout the years.  Congratulations to our new GJW Brother Richard “Dick” Short.

If I try to say thank you to everyone that has touched my life on my journal here, the names would be endless.  So, thanks to everyone I do not mention.

I want to say that we the Grand Officers with all my DDGM and Committeemen will continue to work and keep Grand Lodge of Kentucky the Best Fraternity of Masons.

I hate that our Jr. MWPGM Geary Laird, had the hand dealt to him this past year. I do not Evie the tuff decisions he had to make.

I have chosen the Masonic Level as my Grand Master’s Statewide Traveling Level. As Masons, we are taught that all men are equal in the eyes of our Creator is a primary teaching that the Ancient Level represents.  In Masonry the Level is used to remind members that we are all equal, in that everyone operates on the same level of time. The ideal behind the Grand Masters Traveling Level is to be rewarding, meeting other Masonic Brothers, and members that we are all equal, in that everyone operates on the same level of time. The ideal behind the Grand Masters Traveling Level is to be rewarding, meeting other Masonic Brothers, and gaining recognition for you and your lodge brothers.

As we start a new year we will go by the Constitution and the directives of the Governor.   I am sure under the Governors directives there is not a lodge in Kentucky, that 3 brothers in a lodge can’t open, do business as Master Masons, Starting from this date 10-20-20.  My DDGM of all 30 districts will begin making their visits to all their lodges across the state of Kentucky.  Brothers if you or your lodge does not feel safe doing degree work, then don’t do it. Just use common sense.  If you feel sick or unsafe, please stay home.  I am greatly confident that you have brothers in your lodge that will step up and keep things going until you can get back to your lodge.

Lodges stated meetings will be observed as, the Constitution states.  If you meet twice a month and want to meet only once a month. Then, change your bylaws.  We have been through many things in this fraternity.  This Pandemic we will get through as well.  We are men of character and principle. “God, Family First.”

This year, Jackie and I have pledged our support to the Musical Therapy Program for the residents at Masonic Homes of Kentucky. There is no cure for dementia.  Music is being increasingly used as a therapeutic tool for people with dementia. Therefore, we have chosen to establish a program for 2020-2021 called “Memories through Music.” Our goal is $20,000 to purchase musical instruments, in-room radios/cd players, musical therapy program costs, and provide live entertainment.  Please help us in reaching our goal.

At this time, I am not handing down any guidelines to go by, nor, continuing any that has been handed down.  We have our Book of Constitution and our Governor directives.  So, with that being said, I put control in the hands of the Lodges to follow the Constitution and the Governor directives.

Let us go out on the Level and have a great year. May God bless us all and this great Fraternity.


Fraternally Thine,

Ernest C. Jackson
Grand Master 2020-2021