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Community Programs

Grand Lodge Grant Program
 This grant program has been established by the Grand Master with the intent of providing money towards worthy projects for the improvement of a subordinate lodge’s building and/or property. While Lodges will not be required to match funding granted under this program or expend their own money, it is encouraged that any lodge that applies for funding will also contribute some of their own funds towards the planned project to either help kick start the project or potentially get a project across the finish line. Lodges may apply for this grant program by using this form and attaching additional information hereto. Please be aware that only those lodges who complete this form, in its entirety, will be eligible to receive a grant.

Traveling Ark & Anchor Program
The Grand Master will have a Statewide Traveling Ark & Anchor Program. The Ark & Anchor location can be tracked using the locator found on the Grand Lodge of Kentucky website and/or the Grand Lodge of Kentucky Statewide Traveling Ark & Anchor Location Facebook Page (see Appendix D). It is important that you follow the directions contained in the Ark & Anchor case to ensure that its location is kept updated, so all lodges have an opportunity to claim it. One or more Masons may claim the Ark & Anchor at any Masonic meeting. It must be claimed and presented in a tiled or open meeting to count. Make sure to follow the directions and sign the registry contained in the Ark & Anchor case.

As Masons, we are taught that the Ark & Anchor is the emblem of “a well-grounded hope and a well- spent life, to not become complacent in our lives and our labors and work toward the future”. The Ark & Anchor may first be claimed by the lodge which travels the farthest, and has not already claimed it, otherwise by the Lodge that has traveled the longest distance and never had it. The purpose of this program is to encourage Masonic Travel across the State of Kentucky.

Masonic Homes Kentucky
Established nearly 150 years ago, Masonic Homes of Kentucky, Inc. has created communities that give independent seniors and seniors needing assistance a variety of living options and care. We are dedicated to providing an environment where older adults can enjoy a high quality of life in a loving, home-like atmosphere, while maintaining a high degree of independence and dignity.

Masonic Philanthropy
Kosair Charities has been providing funding for pediatric healthcare in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area for over 75 years. In the last year alone, Kosair Charities provided over $7.4 million to help individual children and numerous agencies that serve the needs of children.

First Lady, Sam Gibson, “BeTheKey”
First Lady Sam Gibson and I have dedicated ourselves to help potential victims, actual victims, and sur- vivors of human trafficking. We believe an important element is awareness and we have joined forces with the PATH COALITION of KY in an effort to do this.  Human trafficking is the exploitation of another individual for labor and/or sex through the use of fraud, coercion, or violence.

PATH stands for: People Against Trafficking Humans and their mission is to bring awareness of the realities of human trafficking. Their quest is to provide hope and healing to those affected by this mod- ern-day slavery.

Led by a Board of Directors and home-based in Louisville, KY., PATH works with academic, community, and faith-based organizations in an effort to help meet the needs of the survivors of this crime.