Right Worshipful Elected Grand Lodge Officers, Most Worshipful Past Grand Masters, Worshipful Appointed Grand Lodge Officers, Worshipful District Deputy Grand Masters, Worshipful Grand Lodge Committee Chairmen and Committee members, Masters, Wardens, Appending Bodies Dignitaries, Masonic Homes dignitaries and Ambassadors, My Family, Visitors, and my Brothers all.

As I humbly stand before you today as the Grand Master of Kentucky’s Free and Accepted Masons I want to express my sincere gratitude and how extremely proud and honored I am to serve you and the craft of Kentucky as your Grand Master.
I understand the serious nature of the task we have at hand to strive to strengthen OUR fraternity and continue to make it what it has and always will be and that is the greatest fraternity the world has ever known.
I pledge to you the Brothers of Kentucky that I will to the best of my skills and abilities strive to do exactly as I stated I when ask some years ago while running for the office of Grand Jr. Warden by an elderly Brother who asked this question of me “Son, Just what do you expect to do if you become Grand Master?” after thinking about his question for a moment my reply was “Sir, with GOD’S help I simply hope to leave Kentucky Freemasonry a better place than I found it.” He smiled at me and said, “Son I hope you make it and you have my support” and with GOD’s blessings and YOUR support I have set out to do just that.

But no man can accomplish this task by himself. It will take the efforts of EVERY man in this great state to reach and secure this goal. I know the bar is high but with the guidance of GOD and the wisdom, support, and advice of the Elected Grand Lodge Officers along with the strength and experience of The Past Grand Masters of Kentucky who have gone this way before me and with the will of the craft we will be able to make the best decisions for Kentucky Freemasonry to move forward and uphold the Constitution and landmarks of OUR fraternity. We need the help and support of each of you from the brother who cuts the grass to the master ritualist who confer the degrees working together in peace and harmony to achieve this goal, there is a place for every man in the lodge.

Brothers there is a job to be done and we need the help of every man, woman, and child. Yes! I did say women and children too, we must bring back the family connection to Our lodges and show the support of OUR families working with us to send the message out into the community we all care enough to try and make a difference.

We must reach out into our communities and once again become the shining light to our friends and neighbors just as our fore fathers did some two hundred and forty plus years ago by practicing the morals and virtues we hold so sacred. Let us be the pillars of the community as we once were and with the help of Almighty GOD we can be again.
Together with your help and continued support of the great programs that are already in place like The Masons Helping Masons, Masonry Matters, Veterans Program, The Ritualist Advisors , First Responders, and host of others which have been, are now, and may be implemented in the future which will help, aid, and assist each and every one of us in achieving this goal.


To my family Sue, Christopher, Morgan, John, Kate, Savanah, Brenda, Terri, their spouses and all my nieces and nephew, thank you so much for your support and understanding and sacrifices you have made in making my dreams come true, I know you all have kept the home fires burning bright while I ran all across this state chasing my dream. I couldn’t have done it without your help and support.

Mom and Dad, I know you would be extremely proud of me with both of you belonging to the Order of Eastern Star and Dad being a Master Mason and a member of Highland Park Lodge #865.
I wish you could have been here to enjoy this day with me which wouldn’t have been possible without your encouragement and instilling of masonic morals in our everyday life and lessons you taught us, some a little firmer than others in my case. I know you are gone from this world but you are both with me each day I live and in the decisions I make and the path I choose to walk down. Love and miss you both.

Brothers I ask you to please support your lodges and travel and visit your brothers in the great lodges around our state and remember…


I love each one of you and thank you for sharing this special day with me!


Fraternally Thine,

Timothy D. Sanders

Grand Master 2017-2018