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Grand Master 2022-2023

Right Worshipful Grand Lodge Officers, Most Worshipful Past Grand Masters, Worshipful Grand Lodge Appointed Officers, Worshipful District Deputy Grand Masters, Worshipful Grand Lodge Committeemen, Distinguished Guests, Masters, Wardens, Brothers, Sisters, family, and Friends.

I stand before you today honored and Proud to have been elected to serve as your Grand Master. I thank everyone of you for your part in making this happen. I am committed, to you, to fulfill my duties and obligations to the best of my skill, abilities and with a humble heart.

When I think of the line of truly great men that I have followed, I am deeply inspired. They have made so many personal sacrifices and worked diligently to lead our fraternity, I can only hope that my own efforts to this cause will reach the high level of the bar they have set.

Several years ago, when I was asked what my motto would be if I was to serve as Grand Master, I gave it great thought. The one recuring belief that I thought would send the message I wish to convey is “We are our Brother’s Keeper” This is a remarkably simple phrase but carries much weight. It reminds us of our commitment to our brothers, from the newly initiated Enter Apprentices to our Most Senior Master Masons, to the destitute or distressed, widowed or the widower. We should always be as willing to give as liberally as their necessity requires and our ability permits.

My Programs focus on Masonic Youth Groups, Preparedness, the Book of Constitution, and basic lodge education in hopes of ensuring a strong foundation for the future of Kentucky Freemasonry.

I am committed to supporting the young men and young ladies of the three masonic youth groups, as they are our future leaders, in this fraternity and in our communities. With the support of the leaders of the Kentucky chapters of DeMolay, Rainbow and Jobs Daughters I have established a new committee, the “Masonic Youth Group Support “committee. This committee is comprised of brothers who are knowledgeable and experience with these youth groups. They will work with My District Deputy Grand Masters to provide information and support to Kentucky Lodges or individual masons in an effort to encourage communication, support, and growth of these youth groups. I encourage anyone who wants to be an adviser to contact this committee and see how you can help.

I have commissioned a special lapel pin to sell, the proceeds of which will be donated to the three masonic youth groups. The lapel pin depicts a taco with the phrase “Taco’s for kids” on it. I had 500 made and I will be the only one selling these pins. The cost is $20 each.

I have renewed the Committee of Emergency planning; I had been discussing this with M.W. Gary Rose PGM prior to his death. The Tornados that struck in Western Kentucky and the flooding in eastern Kentucky have impacted so many lives, these tragedies confirmed my belief that we need to be better prepared to protect our members and assist the community. I selected W.B. Drew Chandler PM #41, Head of the Woodford County Emergency Management to serve as Chairman of this committee, with the mission of providing lodges with information and tools to eliminate hazards in and around the lodge buildings, and to prepare for emergencies and ultimately lend a hand in our communities.

The Education Committee will be focusing on the Book of Constitution, lodge officer’s duties and important lodge functions. During my time in the Grand line, I have noticed that many of the problems that lodge officers face is due to lack of knowledge of their responsibilities and requirements laid out in the Book of constitutions.

In hopes for us to lift up the legacy of those who have gone before us in the Kentucky Masonic tradition, I have created a new committee called the Historic Preservation committee. It shall be the duty of this committee to coordinate with the various subordinate lodges to procure, edit, and proof a historical sketch of each respective lodge. They shall utilize the compilation of historical sketches collected by Past Grand Master James N. Saunders as a basis for their work. The end goal of this committee is to publish a multivolume set of the histories of the subordinate lodges, as well as a compilation of biographies of the Past Grand Masters, in conjunction with the 225th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, F. & A.M.

A Tilers Sword will serve as my Grand Master’s Statewide Traveling Program. The Tilers sword enables him effectually to guard against the approach of cowans and eavesdroppers, and suffer none to pass but such as are duly qualified, so it should morally serve as a constant admonition to us, to set a guard at the entrance of our thoughts; to place a watch at the door of our lips; to post a sentinel at the avenue of our actions, thereby excluding every unqualified and unworthy thoughts word, and deed; and preserving consciences void of offense toward God and toward man. The objective this Program is to promote travel across the state and to support the Grand Lodge Scholarship fund.

I want to thank M.W. Geary F. Laird PGM, M.W. Tim Sanders PGM, M.W. Chris Stout PGM and M.W. Ernest Jackson PGM for a spectacular installation. Your leadership, brotherly love and friendship have been an inspiration to me, and I hope that I can continue the example you have set. Each of you have supported and mentored me during my time in the Line and It was an honor to have such great Masons, my “Big Brothers” perform this ceremony.

To my Wife Brenda, to whom I owe a infinite deal of gratitude, it is by your endless support, encouragement, and love that I have been able to make this journey and am extremely grateful. I love you.

To Ms. Sophie Ann White, I want to thank you for your generous gift of your Grand Father’s Past Grand Masters Jewell. M.W. James Newton Sauders P.G.M was a great leader in Kentucky Masonry and in his community. I will wear it with honor and pride.

I look forward to this new masonic year, I am excited and hopeful that the programs that I have chosen to support and with the assistance of the great masons that have stepped forward to help, that we can work together to continue the legacy of supporting our Youth our fraternity and our communities.

I ask each of you to remember in your prayers the families of those who have lost their lives due to the Coronavirus, the many that are trying to rebuild after the destruction caused by the tornadoes in Bowling Green and Western Kentucky and the flooding of Eastern Kentucky. Finally, I also ask you to please remember our active military service members and first responders.

As I close, I remind you all that “We Are Our Brothers Keeper”

Fraternally Thine,

E. Darren Wilson
Grand Master 2022-2023